Welcome to our Notary Office

We established it to protect your interests.
We have been carrying out this aim successfully for years.

Notarial Office Jarosław Pluta - Notary Julia Fersten - Notary, Professional Partnership is located in Piaseczno and its scope of activity includes a much larger area. We invite you to contact us via contact form or telephone (+48) 22 750-12-12, (+48) 22 737-09-16, (+48) 606-419-941.

Mission of the notary's work

Protection of rights and interests
of our customers

The basic task of each Notary is to take care so that the rights and legitimate interests of parties to notarial acts, as well as other people, for whom the acts may cause legal effect, are secured in a proper manner.

Credibility and trusting
the notary

First of all, notaries should be credible and trustworty. These traits make it possible to represent the role they fulfil with dignity.

The public character
of the notary's work

The notary, when executing notarial acts, is a public officer and the effects of the notarial work are regarded as public documents.

Notarial acts

Our Office will provide you all the help you need regarding notarial acts.