Garage information

Garage information

In order to provide the highest standards of customer service related to the notarial acts executed in our Office, we offer you a possibility to use our parking places in a garage free of charge. The multi-space garage is under the building of the Office.

For our customer's use we have prepared four parking places, numbered 1 (one), 2 (two), 5 (five) and 6 (six) which are located on the left hand side of the garage.

If you want to park your car in the underground garage, we invite you to contact us in advance by phone (about 15 minutes before you arrive at the Office) in order to check whether there are any free parking spaces.

Upon your arrival at the building, please stop the car directly in front of the garage gate and use your mobile phone to notify the Office about your intention to drive inside the garage (telephone numbers: 22 750 12 12 or 22 737 09 16).

Once you have parked your car, please head to the stair shaft located directly near the parking spaces (there is a notice regarding the Office at the door of the stair shaft ). In order to enter the stair shaft, contact the Office using an intercom (number 105); the Office is on the second floor.