Court fee

The amount of the court fee

Court fee is regulated by the act regarding court costs in civil cases as of 28 July 2005  (consolidated text: Journal of Laws from 2005, no 167, item. 1398 with amendments) – articles from 42 to 48.

The amount of court fees is the following:

  1. 200 zł for petitions for an entry in the land and mortgage register regarding ownership, perpetual usufruct or limited property rights (easement, usufruct);
  2. If the petition regards an entry of participation in a right, a part of the fixed fee proportional to the amount of the participation share is to be paid, but no less than 100 zł.
  3. 150 zł for a petition for:
    • an entry in land and mortgage register regarding perpetual usufruct or a title to a cooperative residential unit on the basis of succession, provision or inheritance division, or joint ownership annulment;
    • entry regarding ownership, perpetual usufruct, title to a cooperative residential unit purchased as a result of distribution of property after marriage community is dissolved;
    • entry regarding ownership of agricultural real estate of less than 5 ha;
    • entry regarding individual rights and claims;
    • entry regarding a change of contents for limited property rights (easement, usufruct);
  4. a fixed fee of 60 zł is collected for petitions regarding:
    • establishment of land and mortgage register;
    • joining of real estate into one land and mortgage register that is already kept, regardless of the number of joined real estate;
    • exclusion of a real estate, or its part;
    • correction of the I-O section;
    • entry regarding a warning about the discrepancy of legal status revealed in the land and mortgage register with the actual legal status;
    • performing other entries.