Acknowledgement of the submission date of a document

Certifying the date a document was presented

When performing certain legal activities, there is a need to identify oneself by using certified documents, for example using a notarial certification regarding the date a document was presented. In the certification the following are given: name, surname and place of residence of the person who presented the document. It can also be obtained by a person who the document does not concern. Upon request, the certification can also contain the hour and minute that the document was presented. When certifying the presentation date of a document, a notary does not certify that handwritten signatures on the document are valid.

Placing the notary clause on a document which certifies the presentation date of a document changes the form of a document from the ordinary written to the written with a definite date. It is vital in issues regarding evidence – it establishes that a given document existed at the time it was presented to the notary. The written form with a definite date is restricted e.g. in the article 329 § 1 of the Polish Civil Code, according to which a lien attached to a right applies appropriate regulations on transfer of a right. However, a lien attachment agreement has to be entered into in writing with a definite date, even if a right transfer agreement does not require such a form.

Payments related with presentation date certification of a document

Presentation date certification of a document is subject to a notarial fee of 6 zł + 23% VAT for every page of the presented document.