Drafting excerpts, copies and etracts of documents

Drafting excerpts, copies and extracts

Among the notarial activities there are also drafting excerpts of notarial deeds, as well as copies or extracts from other notarial documents. An excerpt is a literal repetition of the original, but it does not involve the corrections made in the original. A copy gives the whole of the original content, an extract only its part. According to the art. 109 of the Polish Notary Public Act, a notarially certified excerpt, copy or extract is legally binding in the same way as the original.

A notary may issue an excerpt of a notarial deed to:

  • parties,
  • persons who have a reserved right to receive an excerpt,
  • legal successors of the abovementioned persons,
  • other persons – after the parties agreed upon that, or based on a legally binding decision by a district court.

According to the art. 110  § 3 of the Polish Notary Public Act, the excerpt heading should state that the issued document is an excerpt. The end of excerpt specifies to whom and when the excerpt was issued. Excerpts shall be signed by a notary and stamped. If an excerpt has more than one sheet, it has to be numbered, attached, initialled and sealed together.

The same rules apply when issuing extracts and copies.

In cases provided for by acts, a notary sends the written information about drafted documents and excerpts to courts and other government bodies.

Payments related to drafting excerpts, copies and extracts

For drafting an excerpt, copy or extract from notarial records or any other document the maximum fee is 6 zł for each started page +23 % VAT.